How to Choose Suitable Daily Anti Aging Cream For You?

It is a fact that almost every woman struggles to keep her skin looking radiant and youthful for a longer period of time. However, considering today’s lifestyle and pollution levels it has become more and more difficult to fight off the excess dirt and chemicals along with the other pollutants in the atmosphere which tend to accumulate on the skin, thereby causing it to age prematurely.However with the usage of daily anti-aging cream, you can definitely protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution along with slowing the natural aging process. But, it should be noted that every woman has a different skin type and therefore only one theme we not be suitable for every woman.This is the reason why you should consult a skin specialist who will recommend you a daily anti aging cream which will be suitable and effective for your skin.For some women tend to find it quite difficult to keep the facial skin moisturized and this is where the creams can prove to be very useful as they keep the moisture locked underneath the skin for a considerably longer period of time.For some women it is difficult to fight the wrinkles and fine lines along with treating the skin damage. At such times the anti aging creams are the best solution as they are manufactured to solve all these skin problems along with minimizing the wrinkles.A number of women have experienced that using daily anti aging cream tends to improve the skin condition to a vast extent. However, it is a fact that not all anti aging creams are suitable for every skin type and definitely react differently to the Asian skin and Western skin.Therefore, the first thing you should do is identify the type of your skin if it is dry, oily or normal. Apart from that it is crucial to check how your skin reacts to the chemicals in the different types of creams, cleansers and lotions. You can consult a skin specialist for the same who will identify if you might suffer from any kind of infections are side effects from a particular type of lotions and creams.Some women have experienced red rashes and itching all over the face because of particular daily anti-aging cream. This is the reason why knowing your skin type will definitely help you to go for the most effective daily anti aging cream for you. It is a known fact that the anti aging creams with natural ingredients are the best and tend to have minimum or zero side effects.Also, employing a well balanced diet which is rich in citrus fruits will help you to nourish your skin from within and fight the aging process in a healthy and natural way. Before choosing any daily anti aging cream you should make it a point to first identify your own skin type and then find the creams which are best suited and effective to your skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care

Youth is the best period of human life. Our body, health, mind, energy, confidence level and above all our look remain at their best in this period. We hardly think of the time when we shall start getting older and lose our supple lustrous skin, wrinkles appear and hairs start graying gradually. These accumulated changes are called ‘aging’ process. Aging wins all over our body at the cellular level, and slowly leads to old age/ senescence and finally death. This is the utmost fate of every living being. The processes and efforts to reversal or slow down the pace of aging is called ‘anti-aging’. Anti-aging processes involve healthy life style, food and supplements, hormone therapy, skin care products and treatments, and therapeutic surgery.Our skin is the part of the body where aging process appears first time. Sun damage, pigmentation, dryness and dullness, enlarging the pores on skin and finally fine wrinkles paw on the face. These are various symptoms of aging. These symptoms start appearing at mid or late thirty years of age normally. However, a stressed lifestyle, limitless alcohol consumption, excessive sun exposure, certain diseases and side effects of medicine can cause early aging. Nobody wants to grow old and hence is the craze for anti-aging skin care therapies and products. Anti-aging skin care is directed towards one’s skin only; it has nothing to do with our life span.Before taking a look through the anti-aging skin care procedures available in the market we must know the basics of aging process. With the advent of time all the tissues of our skin start losing firmness and elasticity, hormone secretion changes in the body, damaged cell and tissue start accumulating. Alone skin care is not sufficient for slowing down aging. One must incorporate diet, exercise, and lifestyle with skin care to fight aging. According to dermatologists, anti-oxidant rich food (containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lipoic acid etc.) like fresh whole and organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, milk, sprouts, sea weeds, olive oil etc. combat aging process.The common skin care method has four steps, regular cleansing, toning, moisturizing and at certain interval, exfoliation. However, anti-aging skin cares include special methods and products in addition to them some of which one has to take at the clinic. Anti-aging treatments may be classified broadly into the following categories.1. Topically applied products- At the primary stage of aging cosmetic products are applied on skin. Anti-oxidants, under eye gel, sun block cream, anti-irritants etc in the form of cream, gel or serum come in this group.2. Wrinkle fillers- To correct wrinkles, depressed areas, scars, and loose folds on the skin wrinkle fillers are applied either by injection or by small incision. Botox (Botulinum toxin) is the most commonly used as filler.3. Skin rejuvenation by noninvasive or less invasive method- Various ray-treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, self-done-microdermabrasion, radiofrequency with various combination treatments come in this category.4. Invasive methods- When all above methods fail or when aging symptoms become acute one must undergo this process. Invasive methods are- the surgical removal of double chin, abdominal skin lift, liposuction, face-lift, facial implantation, skin lift etc. These are permanent and expensive methods.You should know which type of treatment you need depending on the extent of aging. There are multiple anti-aging skin care products and hardly any one of them gives exactly the result that they advertise. It is better to consult a skin care expert if you really plan to treat your aged skin.

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Optimum Sports Nutrition For Exercising

What is the optimum sports nutrition for exercising? By reading below you can find out some basic nutrition principles that apply to every athlete, whether you are a top elite athlete or just like to stay healthy and fit on a regular basis. The following recommendations will help you know what products to avoid, the current trends, and how to get the most from your exercise program.Whether you’re into bodybuilding, are a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete, exercising helps with weight management, supports a healthy heart, helps manage stress levels, and has hundreds of other health benefits. Proper sports nutrition is essential when you’re on the move to keep your body running at optimal performance, and these products are formulated to help you get the most out of every workout.Sports nutrition products are sold at drugstores, retailers, and even grocery stores, but many of the most popular retail brands contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives, which are terrible for your body.Many conventional sports nutrition products are untested, which means you are putting harmful ingredients into your body. Rather than testing products in clinical tests or with world-class athletes, many companies choose to launch new products without scientific proof or any testing. It doesn’t make sense to put unproven or untested ingredients in your body at the same time you want your body to deliver optimal performance.The experts report that sports nutrition is a $5 billion plus market in the US, and the market for products in this category has been growing 3%-5% per year for the past several years and is projected to continue this growth rate for the next three to five years.They say the energy-drink market is growing even faster at 9% per year and is the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry. Sports nutrition products are hitting the trendy, young consumers, with and increase in interest for the 18 to 34 year olds due to an increase in physical activity.The solution is sports nutrition products that put in the best and bring out the best. Products that are used at the highest levels of competition so you can trust them every time you take them to help you train longer, recover faster, and perform better.The are three main phases of sports nutrition are what you should take before, during, and after your workouts. Before your workout, you want a burst of healthy energy to help you get that extra edge when you need it most. During your workout, you need a rehydration drink with electrolytes that will re-hydrate faster than water. After your workout, you need a recovery food that is fuel for rapid muscle recovery, endurance, and strength, as well as repairs and builds muscle for a faster recovery. Make sure your products are natural with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Nutritional Supplements Side Effects

Nutritional supplements can be bought over-the-counter–which means you do not need to get a prescription to avail of them. They are generally perceived as safe by the general public, even though most of them are not acknowledged and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration Board. How much do we really know about the nutritional supplements we take? Are there any nutritional supplements side effects? Here are some things to think about:1. Dosage and topical applicationAnything taken in excess is not good for health. The same is true with nutritional supplements. A study made by the Frederick W. Fraunfelder, M.D., researcher and ophthalmology professor in OHSU listed dry eyes, temporary visual loss, and retinal hemorrhages as some of the ocular nutritional supplements side effects of some nutritional and herbal supplements. Most nutritional supplements side effects were associated with topical application and high dosages. While there were no reported cases of permanent damage, there is still a possibility for it, should the patient continue the use of the product.Of more than 300 reported cases, his study reported 8 variables associated with ocular side effects: Echinacea purpurea, ginkgo biloba, chamomile, canthaxanthine, licorice, Datura, vitamin A, and niacin. Some of these products, particularly gingko biloba, show nutritional supplements side effects when taken with other medicines such as aspirin and Ibuprofen.Multivitamins should be taken in moderation– overdose of vitamins that are not excreted by the body can pose major problems. For example, high doses of iron and vitamin D can result to kidney damage; too much vitamin A can cause headaches, diarrhea, nausea, and possible damage to the bones and liver.2. Medical historySome nutritional supplements side effects are triggered by your pre-existing health conditions, medical history, or treatment. For example, some people with asthma may be allergic to a higher dosage of Vitamin C. Family history should also be considered; those with a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, kidney stones, and reflux nephropathy are at risk of nutritional supplements side effects such as kidney failure when taking supplements like creatine.TIP: It is still best to consult a physician regarding the intake of nutritional supplements; this is especially important for patients undergoing any type of medication or recuperation, or for those in special circumstances, such as pregnant women.It is also helpful to read medical guides, brochures, and consumer reports to gather information on certain nutritional supplements, whether they have any side effects. You can also look into the Food and Drug Association Board World Health Organization database for any banned or discouraged nutritional supplements. Remember that some supplements contain additives that can harm you. Make sure that the manufacturer of your supplement is pharmaceutical GMP compliant – this will guarantee that their product is devoid of damaging fillers.

Top Second Careers – How to Break Into 7 Fulfilling Professions From Nursing to Fashion Design

Unemployed workers aren’t the only ones looking for new jobs. Those who feel stuck in their careers, or are looking for more meaning in their work, are also thinking about making a fresh start. But what are the best careers to pursue the second time around? Career surveys and employment experts have identified the following fields as some of the most fulfilling for people looking to make a change. You won’t land one of these jobs overnight. But with education and preparation, you can well be on your way.Nursing. If you like helping people, especially when they’re sick, and you have a knack for science, nursing could be a good second career for you. There’s a nursing shortage in the country, so opportunities are certainly there. To become a Registered Nurse, you’ll first need to get a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, or a two to three year AA degree from a community college.Fashion design. Besides being a fashion designer, careers in fashion range from marketing to merchandising, and apparel construction to buying. If you’ve dreamed of working in any of these capacities in fashion design, you’ll learn the necessary skills by earning a degree at an accredited, career-focused fashion college. Internships while you’re in school and networking with alumni in the industry will also give you a competitive edge in the job market.Teaching. Some people just know they were meant to be teachers. And those who leave their old jobs to pursue teaching as a second career are frequently the most committed and satisfied educators. If you’re interested in becoming a teacher, check online to find out the licensing requirements in your state. You may need to earn a graduate degree, or at least take additional classes, as well as pass a credentialing exam.Counseling. Whether you’re interested in working with children, families and couples, or patients experiencing substance abuse or mental health problems, therapy can be a particularly rewarding career. As with teaching, check the licensing requirements in your state. Besides earning a master’s degree in a relevant discipline, you’ll probably also be required to practice under the supervision of an established therapist for a certain amount of hours before being able to hang your own shingle.Culinary arts. Thanks to the popularity of television cooking shows, a lot of people dream of turning their love of food into a career. But to be a successful chef, it takes more than being a good cook. It can take years of formal training and hands-on experience, starting at the lowest rung in the kitchen before you even get to cook a meal. And if you plan on opening your restaurant, take some business courses to help you survive in the competitive food industry.Coaching. One of the fastest growing careers, especially for business executives escaping the rat race, is personal coaching. Life coaches help people navigate their careers, relationships, or any part of their lives that need guidance, giving their clients a solid game plan and motivating them in the process. Although some practitioners without any formal training call themselves coaches, most life coaches are certified after taking accredited classes.Green opportunities. Many people looking for second careers want to make a difference in the world, so interest in environmental careers is booming. Thanks to the 2009 Federal Stimulus Act, billions of dollars have been allocated to green businesses, and as many as 4.2 million jobs are expected to be added in the years ahead. Many green jobs will not require learning new skills or changing professions, as green businesses will still need traditional office staff like accountants, engineers, and project managers. But enrolling in an environmental studies or sustainable design program will give you a better understanding, and appreciation, for the green work ahead.Nonprofit work. Despite the recession, jobs in the nonprofit sector are expected to grow. In fact, senior-level job openings have actually increased in the past few years. Nonprofit work can be very rewarding, but before jumping in to just any job, think about what charitable organizations are most meaningful to you, and spend some time volunteering. You’ll gain valuable insight into how nonprofits function, as well as the jobs within the industry.Interior design. Designing the spaces in which people live and work can be both artistically and professionally rewarding. But interior designers do more than just choose colors, fabrics and furniture. They also have to be knowledgeable about construction codes, engineering, and safety. That’s why many states require interior designers to be certified, only granting licenses after candidates have earned an Interior Design degree or advanced certificate from an accredited university, fashion college or interior design school.It may take more education and training to pursue a second career, but when you’re in a job that you absolutely love, you realize that all the hard work was worth it.

Why Infants Need Educational Baby Toys

When a baby comes into the world it cannot really do much. A baby cannot lift its hand to touch its nose, a baby cannot focus on small objects. As the infant develops in the first year it will require different types of toys to stimulate and encourage the development of many skills.The good thing is that most baby toys on the market are in and of themselves educational toys. Toys to teach things like sound, vision, auditory and physical sensations. These toys work to build on the baby’s very small collection of references and contexts.SightTo begin with, a baby’s first skill would be sight. A baby does not see the world as we do, they are still developing their ocular muscles and their brain has got no points of reference or ways to understand what they are seeing. There is debate as to what a baby can see, some experts mention they can only see black and white, and some say they can see bold primary colours as well. Either way, a good place to start is books with big bold lines with heavy contrast and big on colour. Fine lines, water colours and muddy images will be of no help to a baby, they need simple images that are easy to focus on.As they move closer to turning one, they will become fascinated with mirrors and will more easily be able to make use of board books with bright colours.Toys with strong colours will appeal as will mobiles and wall stickers.SoundA baby can hear most sounds, in fact they can probably hear more than most adults because over time we lose the ability to hear certain frequencies. So babies are often frightened by loud noises and delighted by unusual noises in toys. Rattles containing a little bell are great for baby. Telling stories and singing to baby is a wonderful way to engage them. There are some great toys available that provide a whole selection of noises for baby to experiment with such as crinkly, clicking, tinkling and swishing.Introducing music to babies is also a wonderful way to introduce them to the beauty of sound. Classical music and nursery rhymes on CD will be handy at bedtime while sing-a-long CDs are a great alternative to TV.As baby gets a little older, there are some wonderful musical instruments you can introduce such as drums, shakers, tambourines and xylophones.TouchA baby is learning that his fingers are ways to assess the world. Things are hot, cold or soft and rough. There are many toys available that will introduce your baby to the world textures.As baby gets older you can build on your toy collection by having a range of toys that feel different. Some might be hard like wooden blocks or smooth plastic like shapes and moulded toys, some might be spongy and soft others will be fluffy like stuffed toys.Babies are often fascinated with simple items from around the home such a foil packaging, wooden spoons and any other thing within their grasp.Tummy TimeThere are many baby learning toys available these days that combine all of these elements into one handy item. Play mats are great for babies to practice tummy time, a very valuable skill they must develop. Play mats will have texture pads, bells, mirrors, squeaky toys and so much more.Whatever toys you chose for your infant, once you are satisfied of it’s safety, will no doubt provide your baby with many hours of educational entertainment.

Automotive GPS Systems – Built In Or Portable?

Whether you are driving long hours across country or a few minutes across town, you might want to consider getting one of the latest automotive gps systems to save you time and for your safety. Being able to get from point A to point B without getting lost can sometimes is a challenge, but automotive gps systems can help in so many ways. The automotive gps systems use 24 orbiting satellites to triangulate your exact whereabouts and also figure out the distance it will be before you get to your destination. Along the way to ‘point B’ the automotive gps receivers will tell you roads you’ve passed and exit as well. This is so you don’t have to look away from the road, making it much safer.Automotive gps systems have the same features as many of the handheld portable gps receivers do, however, most of them are larger and stay in the car. But there are a few models that can be taken out of the car and carried around with you as you walk around the city or the woods; it depends on which model you want to purchase. Most of the automotive gps models have a larger LCD touchscreen and come with more maps than the handheld units. Street level maps and millions of POI’s or points of interests such as restaurants, ATM’s and banks, zoo’s, schools and parks are already preprogrammed into the automotive gps systems. Although there are programs in which you can program your own POI’s such as schools and speed cameras so you know to avoid them each time you pass by that way.There are several software packages available to download onto your automotive gps navigational system through your home computer that will allow you to see more of the United States or Canada, Mexico and even Europe. If you are planning on traveling, it might be a good idea to purchase a CD-ROM with one of these extended countries with the POI’s highlighted for you and your family to enjoy while there.Some of the other accessories available for your automotive gps systems would be a Bluetooth headset for easy hands-free driving, XM radio – there might be a subscription cost to this, you would have to check and see – a carrying case if you want to take the system out and take it on a walking tour of the city or forest and different mounting options. One of the options for mounting the automotive gps is a round ‘sticky’ disk which you lay the gps navigation receiver on and it stays put as you drive along. Another option is an ‘arm’ mount which can be placed on the dash or adhered to the window so the gps is where it is most comfortable for you to view it while driving.

Overview of the Major Comp Programs

Before we dive into the intricacies of blackjack and poker comps, I thought it might be a good idea to take a quick crash course on comp programs.

Thanks to the corporate conglomeration that has dominated the casino industry in recent years, most gamblers have two major comp programs to choose from – M Life and Total Rewards.

The M Life program is operated by MGM Resorts International, while Total Rewards is a product of Caesars Entertainment.

If you enjoy visiting sunny Las Vegas for a stroll along the Strip, chances are good you’ll wind up in a casino owned by one of these behemoths. And I’m not talking about the MGM Grand or Caesars Palace flagship properties, as the two companies own dozens of casinos between them.

Check out the list below for a full accounting of MGM-owned properties on the Strip where the M Life card is used to track and distribute comps:

ARIA Las Vegas
Bellagio Las Vegas
Excalibur Hotel and Casino
Luxor Las Vegas
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
MGM Grand Las Vegas
The Mirage Las Vegas
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
New York New York Hotel and Casino
And below, you’ll find the Caesars-owned casinos on the Strip where the Total Rewards card is accepted:

Bally’s Las Vegas
Caesars Palace
The Cromwell Las Vegas
Flamingo Las Vegas
Harrah’s Las Vegas
The LINQ Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas
Planet Hollywood Las Vegas
Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino
Expanding the scope outside of Sin City, these are the MGM-brand casinos worldwide where M Life membership is accepted:

Beau Rivage – (Biloxi, Mississippi)
Borgata – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
The Water Club – (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
Gold Strike Casino Resort – (Tunica Resorts, Mississippi)
Grand Victoria – (Elgin, Illinois)
MGM Grand Detroit – (Detroit, Michigan)
MGM National Harbor – (National Harbor, Maryland)
MGM Springfield – (Springfield, Massachusetts)
MGM Grand Sanya – (Sanya, Hainan, China)
MGM Macau – (Macau, China)
Bellagio Shanghai – (Shanghai, China)
And finally, take a look below for the full list of Caesars-owned casinos worldwide where Total Rewards membership is accepted:

Bally’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Caesars Windsor – (Windsor, Ontario, CA)
Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino – (Phoenix, AZ)
Harrah’s Atlantic City – (Atlantic City, NJ)
Harrah’s Cherokee – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River – (Cherokee, NC)
Harrah’s Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Harrah’s Gulf Coast – (Biloxi, MS)
Harrah’s Joliet – (Joliet, IL)
Harrah’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Harrah’s Laughlin – (Laughlin, NV)
Harrah’s Louisiana Downs – (Bossier City, LA)
Harrah’s Metropolis – (Metropolis, IL)
Harrah’s New Orleans – (New Orleans, LA)
Harrah’s North Kansas City – (North Kansas City, MO)
Harrah’s Philadelphia – (Philadelphia, PA)
Harrah’s Reno – (Reno, NV)
Harrah’s Resort Southern California – (Valley Center, CA)
Harvey’s Lake Tahoe – (Lake Tahoe, NV)
Horseshoe Casino Baltimore – (Baltimore, MD)
Horseshoe Bossier City – (Bossier City, LA)
Horseshoe Council Bluffs – (Council Bluffs, IA)
Horseshoe Hammond – (Hammond, IN)
Horseshoe Casino Tunica – (Tunica, MS)
Horseshoe Southern Indiana – (Elizabeth, IN)
Tunica Roadhouse – (Tunica, MS)
Along with these titans of the gambling industry, you’ll also come across a few smaller casino chains like Boyd Gaming or Stations. And of course, the over 400 tribal casinos operated on reservation land nationwide have their own in-house players club cards.

These smaller casinos tend to model their comp system after the big boys, however, so I’ll stick with M Life and Total Rewards going forward for the sake of clarity.

For both of these programs, you’ll also have two main forms of comp credits to work with – base points and tier points.

A base point equates to $0.01, so you’ll need to score 100 of them to add $1 to your comp account. Base points effectively serve as cash in an affiliated casino, so you can use your accumulated points to purchase that morning latte or some headphones from the gift shop.

A tier point doesn’t have cash value per se, but these points are how you climb through the ranks of either M Life or Total Rewards. You can visit the overview pages for each program that I linked to above to learn about the various tiers used in each. But put simply, accumulating tier points grants you access to a higher tier in the program, which in turn unlocks additional perks. Think priority access at the cashier’s cage line, free valet and parking, tickets to the in-house show, and even free rooms.

Now that you know who is handling your comps and where the players club cards in your wallet are accepted, let’s see exactly how they work for both blackjack and poker.